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How To Mods Cars GTA San Andreas For IOS ( iPad, iPhone, iPod ) Tips &Tutorial

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How To Mods Cars GTA San Andreas For IOS ( iPad, iPhone, iPod ) Tutorial

Installing mods for your cars in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Mobile can be one of the most fun and exciting things to do in the game. Lately, many of my friends and even I was puzzled about the usage of mods on my Mobile or iPad, iPhone, and iPod. By reading this guide you can easily install mods on your mobile phone. I searched everywhere on net and stumbled upon some comments in various forums which easily guided me to install mods of GTA San Andreas on Mobile or iPad, iPhone, and iPod
If you are having trouble doing it, or have not tried yet, this article will teach you how, and will have you driving a souped-up ride in no time.

Step 1: You need to have GTA San Andreas installed on your Mobile or iPad, iPhone, and iPod

First, You need to jailbreak your device, install the GTA San Andreas game on your Mobile or iPad, iPhone, and iPod. After that, backup your game in a safe folder which you are not at all going to touch. We are going to do our operation on other copied file. If anything goes wrong then we can easily restore San Andreas anytime by just copying and pasting. Hope that you're clear. If you don't get any point then me any questions by contact us.

You can get GTA San Andreas by iTunes AppStore by this link Click Here

Step 2: You need to jailbroken your iPad, iPhone, and iPod

You need to jailbreak your device, after that, go to cydia search: iFile , install iFile and go to get mods

Step 3: You need to download the zip file or Mods Cars

You need to Download the zip file ( Mods Cars GTA Sa Mobile ) Click download any GTA Sa mobile MOD:

Step 4: You need to backup GTA Sa File before Mods

After downloaded, you need to extract Mods file and copy all of Mods file in that folder then paste on in folder GTa San Andreas Mobile. After that, enjoy your game.

Unarchiver Mods File then,

Copy all mods file and paste on GTA Sa/

after then, Paste and Over write all ( don't forget backup all your original file before mods )

If you don't get any point or get any problem please contact us or watch our video on youtube.

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