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Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops | Best Gaming Laptop 2016

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops | Best Gaming Laptop 2016

Looking for the best gaming laptops  right now? it's too hard to find it ? From cheap and cheerful to high-end machines, we've picked out the laptops that should help you stay at the top of your academic game or best graphic game and you never will see sunlight again xD

Our list includes models running all three of the major operating systems: Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s OS X and Google’s Chrome OS. Chromebooks tend to be the cheapest of these, since functionality largely depends on being connected to the internet and some people think that Computer come from can't play game like windows ? cause it's using OS X that why you hard to play game ? you can say that but you can buy a computer with biggest CPU, Ram , VGA graphic you will never regard about it. MacBooks, meanwhile, are several times more expensive, but are superbly built and subject to Apple Education discounts. Windows is the most wide-ranging OS, and runs on budget, mid-market and high-end models

Design and Build Quality
Performance and Price
Battery Life
Screen and Sound

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