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JX2 Online Story ( Justice Xwar 2 ) Tips and Tutorial

Justice Xwar 2 or JX2 Online Story

World Map

At the beginning of time, the ancient God Pan Gu has divided the world into the realms of Heaven, Earth and Human. However, there are many monsters which caused chaos in the human realms. The chaos is ceased when Da Yu created nine Sacred Urns that stabilize the essence of nature to protect the human realm. Since then, mankind started the dynasty of Shang Zhou. However, at the end of Shang Dynasty, Emperor Zhou decided to forge the Urns into coins. This has caused the essence of nature to scattered all over the land and the same happened to China where the country was divided in chaos again. When the essences gathered around Jade He after 5 or 6 centuries, Qin Emperor became the owner of the Jade and ruled the land as the sole ruler again. Since then, Jade He became the heirloom and symbol of the emperor for more than 800 years until the Jade is destroyed in the battle after the fall of Tang Dynasty.

The land was in chaos again after the fall of Tang Dynasty. The country suffered chaos due to the battle to find the new ruler as well as the threat of the enemy from the foreign land known as Liao that conquered 16 provinces of China. The people of the land suffered losses and grieved everyday. Cai Yong, the ruler of Zhou, felt pity to the people and prayed for the peace of the land to arrive. In return, he was willing to give up his life. His will was heard by the gods and he was given the artifact known as the Kingdom Territory Map.

Cai Yong followed the instructions of the map and with the help of Zhao Kuang Yi, he was able to reunite the northern land quickly. However, he didn't live long to fulfill his wish and before he passed away, he told Zhao Kuang Yi about the secret of the Kingdom Territory Map. Unfortunately, Zhao was not a trust worthy person. He used the Kingdom Territory Map to make a pact with other power allies to start his rebellion and create his own dynasty, the Song Dynasty. His act has triggered the wrath of the heaven, which caused the Kingdom Territory Map to shatter into pieces and vanished into the thin air on the day he claimed this throne.

Zhao Kuang Yi knew that he has caused the artifact to disappear and bring chaos to the world again. Besides that, he won't be able to keep his end of the deal as the Kingdom Territory Map has shattered into pieces. Therefore, he created a plot to take away the power of the clans that helped him to get onto his throne. Besides that, Zhao also sent out people to look for the fragments of Kingdom Territory Map. Although suspicious, the clans can only observe what's going on as their power has been stripped by Zhao.

Years passed by and just about everyone is going to forgot about this incident, Zhao passed away but the heir to his throne was his brother Zhao Guang Yi instead of the Prince Zhao De Fang. This has raised suspicion of the followers of Zhao. At the same time, rumors about the existence of the fragments of Kingdom Territory Map spread like wild fire across the land. Every force in the country rose up to claim their territory. The country faced the problems of rebellions and threat from foreign enemies again. The land has once again fallen into chaos. Under such situation, you find yourself in the city of Song Dynasty, just about to begin your own journey...

City Maps










Shaolin has very extensive and profound martial arts knowledge if compared with other schools in the martial world. There are various scrolls kept in the Classic pavilion of Shaolin. Yi Jing scripture and washed core scripture are the most valuable scrolls of Shaolin.Shaolin has three branches which are Shaolin Commoner, Shaolin Martial Branch and Shaolin Zen Branch.



Emei sect which is located at Emei i Mountain, Shi Chuan was a sect founded by a woman, originally called Fairy Fist. Afterward, the ancestor joined in Buddhism, the sect was then renamed in the twofold sense of females' alternative name " Emei" and Buddhist Holy Land "Emei Mount", which are of the same pronunciation but of different characters.
Emei Sect has two branches which are Emei Zither Branch and Emei Sword Branch.

Beggar Sect


Beggar's sect is the largest and one of the most reputable orthodox sects in martial world. The Dragon Subduing Eighteen Striking Palms is exclusive only to the Chief of the sect, being passed down from predecessor to successor, along with the sect's heirloom, the Dog Whacking Cane and its associated skills.
Beggar’s sect has two branches which are Beggar Fist Branch and Beggar Staff Branch.

Tang Clan


Tang clan resides in Tang's chateau which located at Gong Province of Shi Chuan for generations. They are well-known projectile making in martial world and famous in projectiles, firearms, powders making and designing. People of Tang clan live in their own world, they neither associate with the righteous schools, nor associate with the evil side.



Wudang is the holy land of Taoism in Martial world and Wudang enjoys the parallel position with Shaolin in Song Mountain. Therefore comes the popular saying "In the north respects paid to Shaolin martial arts; yet in the south honor should be given to Wudang martial arts." It is widely heard that the founder of Wudang martial art was a Taoist called Zhang San Feng. Latent strength is the domain skill of Wudang.
Wudang sect has two branches which are Wudang Sword Branch and Wudang Brush Branch.

Yang Family

Yang Family residence is the mansion of Yang Ye, the hero of Song Dynasty who fought against the army of Liao. The mansion is located beside the Gold River of BianJing Tian Po Gate. The Yang Generals refer to the warriors from Yang Clan led by Yang Ye who fought at the border of North Song against the invasion of Liao.
Yang Family has two branches which are Yang Spear Rider and Yang Bow Rider.

Five Poisons Sect

The isolated land of Miao is well known for its dangerous terrains and various poisonous and ferocious inhabitants. The people of Miao had mastered the art of poison manipulation for centuries which is known as poisonous magic.There was once a man known as Master of Golden Poison who had merged the poison with himself. His disciple has mastered the art from him and founded a sect known as the Five Poisons Sect. Since then, Master of Golden Poison has been worshipped as the Master of Five Poisons. Five Poisons sect is a religious cult with its own unique believes.
Due to the difference of culture as a result of the geographical locations, the art of poison manipulating has been recognized by the typical adventurers as a Sect of mystery and alien.
Five Poisons Sect has two branches which are Five Poisons Wickman and Five Poisons Parasiter.

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